viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008


Hard-ons toca Punk Rock y por mementos algo de Thrash y son de lo mejor que hay en Australia, el disco es un compilado de sus mejores temas (24 en total)


1 Small Talk
2 Raining
3 She's a Dish
4 Something About You
5 Think About You Everyday
6 Do It With You
7 Sorry
8 Where Did She Come From
9 Suck'n Swallow
10 Missing You, Missing Me
11 Get Away
12 It's Up to Me
13 Girl in the Sweater
14 Busted
15 There Was a Time
16 On and On
17 Wishing Well
18 All Set to Go
19 Lost
20 Lose It
21 Wof Food
22 Don't Wanna See You Cry
23 I Do, I Do, I Do
24 Just Being With You


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