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C.O.C - Deliverance

C.O.C - Deliverance

Es una banda de Raleigh, North Carolina, United States el género que toca esta banda es Crossover thrash (early) Hardcore punk (early) Sludge metal


  • Warren Haynes – slide guitar ("Stare Too Long," America's Volume Dealer)
  • James Hetfield – vocals ("Man or Ash," Wiseblood)
  • Robert Stewart – vocals (performed live, never recorded)
  • John Custer – producer of Blind, Deliverance, Wiseblood, Nativity In Black, America's Volume Dealer and In The Arms Of God


  • No Core tape (1982, No Core)
  • Why Are We Here? 7" (1983, No Core Records, "Poison Planet", "Indifferent", "Too Cool")
  • Empty Skulls tape (1984, Fartblossom Enterpises, "Poison Planet", "Eye for an Eye")
  • Cleanse the Bacteria LP (1985, Pusmort Records, "Kiss of Death")
  • Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3 LP (1986, Thrasher/High Speed Records, "What", "Not For Me", "Citizen")
  • Empty Skulls Vol. 2 LP (1986, Fartblossom Records, "Center of the World", "Eye for an Eye", "Negative Outlook")
  • Complete Death LP (1986, Death Records, "Loss for Words")
  • Life is a Joke Vol. 2 LP (1986, Weird System Records, "Eye for an Eye")
  • Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 3 LP (1987, Gasatanka Records, "Intervention")
  • Rat Music for Rat People 3 LP (1987, CD Presents Records, "Bound")
  • "Clerks" Soundtrack LP (1994, Columbia Records, "Big Problems")
  • Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath LP (1994, Columbia Records, "Lord of This World")
  • UMPF LP (1995, ???, "Clean My Wounds")
  • Duke Nukem: Music To Score By LP (1999, RED Interactive, "Land Of The Free Disease")
  • Xtreme Rock: Music That Changed Our Lives LP (1999, RED Distribution, "Land Of The Free Disease")
  • Motorcycle Mania 3 CD (2004, Artist Direct BMG, "Thirteen Angels")
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